Who We Are

Family First Educational Services is an LLC founded by Ken and Leah Dinkins in order to prayerfully serve and assist parents who are educating their children from home.


To assist parents in training up their children in the unique God-given way that they should go.


To develop capable life-long learners and godly leaders, using rigorous curriculum and expectations to impart knowledge, understanding, and life-skills, while training students for higher order thinking from a Biblical worldview.

Our child’s education is in both content and process.




In a community setting of accountability and motivation with knowledgeable, capable, and passionate teachers; students will learn from their teacher’s instruction, example, and oversight.  Teachers will use rigorous curriculum and high expectations to stretch their students while teaching them the skills of analysis, synthesis, and communication, from a Biblical world-view.  We teach with the rigor, philosophy, and content of classical education, while using modern tools, such as the internet to “transcend” time and space.  We meet once a week in a classroom setting, but with our on-line Learning Management System (LMS), we can communicate with students in written and video form.  With the LMS the learning calendar can be accessed, instructional videos and resources made or shared by the teacher can be viewed, and assignments can be submitted with feedback provided for the student to view.  This approach provides for more student-teacher contact time and oversight without leaving home.

You can contact Ken or Leah by email at familyfirstedu@gmail.com.


“Grateful…. that is truly what resonates in my mind and heart for what Family First gave our family. We had the privilege for our oldest son to be apart of FF for two of his high school years. With homeschooling him for his entire life this was a true gift that we had this option for him to attend. He received so much more then education but also relationships that encouraged him to grow and inspired him to be who he was as well. So with that… thank you and thank you again for all FF is to our family! You went above and beyond to always help our family out and make this work for us. TRULY GRATEFUL…” — M. P.


… Daniel is a gifted communicator and his passion, preparation and methodology made the history come alive. [My son] loved history to start with, ……; [My daughter], on the other hand,… didn’t care for history so much. But both ENJOYED learning in Daniel’s class and did well. Honestly, at the beginning of the year I wasn’t sure if this was a good fit for our family. Now I wish all of their high school classes could’ve been like this one! I am very thankful to the Lord for Daniel and Family First.” — B. W.

Prepares for Success